What’s in a word? I was once told that “weight release” is a better term to use than “weight loss”.

Apparently, “weight loss” means that I have lost my weight and am now trying to find it.

“Weight release” means that I have released my unwanted avoirdupoids into the universe and it will never come back.

As I look at my weight management history, I wonder if I sabotaged my efforts for a reason. Was I trying to find my weight again because I was uncomfortable with the thought of becoming someone I had never been? Did I have a fear of success? How would I act?

Holding on to weight means that I am comfortable hiding behind the fat belly. Nobody has to learn about the real me. I am safe.

What motivates me now is that I WANT TO BE HEALTHY.  I am tired of holding on to the back pain and the knee discomfort. I don’t want to have to take anti-inflammatories or pain killers. I want to lower my cholesterol and triglycerides as well as my blood pressure. I want to live a long, healthy life and be a great-grandmother some day! (No, I am not even a grandma yet, but I can dream can’t I?)

What are YOUR thoughts on the semantics of weight management?