People are falling off the New Year’s Resolution wagon. Statistics show that usually around the third and fourth week of January is when people find it the hardest to stick to their New Year’s Resolutions. Where are you on that statistic? Have you fallen off the wagon yet?

It’s easy to do. I don’t even know why we make New Year’s Resolutions, because no one is truly expected to stick to them anyways. But, what if you were expected to stick to them? What if you absolutely had to stick to your resolution, no matter what the cost? Would you be a happier person because of it?

When we make our New Year’s Resolution, we know it’ll be hard to stick to. That’s why I wrote that blog a few weeks back about not sabotaging yourself. It’s far too easy to do. Setting a weight loss resolution shouldn’t be just because it’s what you do every year and you know you won’t follow through. It should be because you actually want to try and stick to it.

So, how do you stick to  your New Years Resolution during the end of January when it’s statistically the hardest time to stick it out? You set goals. Your New Year’s Resolution was one gigantic goal for the entire year. Now, you break that goal down into months, weeks, and even days.

Setting daily goals will help you to keep your resolution. By realizing that every second of every day counts towards  your resolution, you will find it easier to stick to it. It’s important to take baby steps, and set your goals reasonably. If you want to cut back your calories, take it one meal at a time. Don’t look at the weight you want to lose over the entire year, or even month, break it down to the calories, or the exercises, or the long walks.

The single, best way to keep your New Year’s Resolution during the time of year when you’re more than ready to jump off the wagon is to take it day by day, not year by year. Well, and use the Jen Fe patch, of course.