From time to time I will be writing about Nexagen USA’s other fine all-natural products.Many of us women have libido issues from time to time. We have so many pressures in our  daily lives that it’s not at all surprising. I have used this product and find it to be totally amazing.The ingredients are listed below:

Synergex Woman™

Soul – Pleasure

Synergex Woman is Nexagen USA’s unique intimacy enhancing formula designed to increase sensitivity, stimulation and drive thereby increasing overall satisfaction. Synergex Woman features a unique blend of carefully selected ingredients including:

Mucuna pruriens: increases dopamine and norepinephrine levels creating a strong feeling of euphoria.

DHEA: reinforces the euphoric effect by increasing sexual drive.

Yohimbe and Ginkgo biloba: initiate physical sensations caused by increased blood flow.

Quercetin: a powerful blocker that protects sex hormones from being disrupted.

Peruvian maca root: used for millennia in the Incan culture and proven to increase sexual stimulation.

Synergex Woman lets you focus on what’s important and recapture those feelings of wonder and clarity that can touch all aspects of your life.

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