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From time to time I will be writing about Nexagen USA’s other fine all-natural products.Many of us women have libido issues from time to time. We have so many pressures in our  daily lives that it’s not at all surprising. I have used this product and find it to be totally amazing.The ingredients are listed below:

Synergex Woman™

Soul – Pleasure

Synergex Woman is Nexagen USA’s unique intimacy enhancing formula designed to increase sensitivity, stimulation and drive thereby increasing overall satisfaction. Synergex Woman features a unique blend of carefully selected ingredients including:

Mucuna pruriens: increases dopamine and norepinephrine levels creating a strong feeling of euphoria.

DHEA: reinforces the euphoric effect by increasing sexual drive.

Yohimbe and Ginkgo biloba: initiate physical sensations caused by increased blood flow.

Quercetin: a powerful blocker that protects sex hormones from being disrupted.

Peruvian maca root: used for millennia in the Incan culture and proven to increase sexual stimulation.

Synergex Woman lets you focus on what’s important and recapture those feelings of wonder and clarity that can touch all aspects of your life.

To order this product, go to my website: .

Click on the  “view store” button. On the next page click on “Nexagen Xtracts All-Natural Wellness System”.  Near the bottom of the page you will find Synergex Woman. Click on either the “quick buy” button to purchase and have it shipped directly to your home, or the “detail” button (if you need more information).
While you are on the site, please check out our other fine products.


Jen Fe Weight Loss Patch

Jen Fe Weight Loss patch

My Weight Loss Story

I was introduced to this product by a friend. At the time, I was in despair about my weight. I had lost 31 lbs prior to my bilateral total knee replacements and 20 lbs post surgery. My surgery date was 2/25/08.

In June 2008 I gained back 5 lbs at my daughter's wedding. In November, 2008 post-Thanksgiving I gained back an additional 31 lbs. By May, 2009 I was seriously thinking of traveling to Mexico for lapband surgery.

In August, I was introduced to the patch. I started on Sept 9, 2009 and my life hasn't been the same since. I have found that this a solution that requires time and patience. Everybody is different.

In 3 months I have lost 12 pounds, 30 inches and 12% body fat. I have gone down 2 sizes from a tight 24 (pants) to a 20 and from 3X to a well fitting 1X in tops. Best of all, my knees aren't as stiff and sore as they were post-surgery.

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