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People are falling off the New Year’s Resolution wagon. Statistics show that usually around the third and fourth week of January is when people find it the hardest to stick to their New Year’s Resolutions. Where are you on that statistic? Have you fallen off the wagon yet?

It’s easy to do. I don’t even know why we make New Year’s Resolutions, because no one is truly expected to stick to them anyways. But, what if you were expected to stick to them? What if you absolutely had to stick to your resolution, no matter what the cost? Would you be a happier person because of it?

When we make our New Year’s Resolution, we know it’ll be hard to stick to. That’s why I wrote that blog a few weeks back about not sabotaging yourself. It’s far too easy to do. Setting a weight loss resolution shouldn’t be just because it’s what you do every year and you know you won’t follow through. It should be because you actually want to try and stick to it.

So, how do you stick to  your New Years Resolution during the end of January when it’s statistically the hardest time to stick it out? You set goals. Your New Year’s Resolution was one gigantic goal for the entire year. Now, you break that goal down into months, weeks, and even days.

Setting daily goals will help you to keep your resolution. By realizing that every second of every day counts towards  your resolution, you will find it easier to stick to it. It’s important to take baby steps, and set your goals reasonably. If you want to cut back your calories, take it one meal at a time. Don’t look at the weight you want to lose over the entire year, or even month, break it down to the calories, or the exercises, or the long walks.

The single, best way to keep your New Year’s Resolution during the time of year when you’re more than ready to jump off the wagon is to take it day by day, not year by year. Well, and use the Jen Fe patch, of course.


It’s that time of year; the time when New Year’s Resolutions are made with conviction and diets are promised. You’ll commit yourself to losing weight in 2010, to eating right and exercising, to being dedicated to this resolution unlike earlier years. But, in the end, the resolution will fall by the wayside within two months and you’ll be right back to where you started with.

So, how do you actually stick with this 2010 New Year’s weight loss resolution? My advice; check out the Jen Fe patch that has helped me along the way, and follow these steps:

Stick to a plan. If you are a visual learner, then it might be best to get yourself a white board or chart where you can keep track of your workouts and your meals, and visually see how you are sticking to your goals. If you can have a daily calorie goal, or perhaps a daily workout goal, then you will achieve far better results than if you just ‘wing it.’

If you can see where you are progressing and where you need to improve, it will be easier for you to stay on track and motivated. If nothing else, taking the time to write down your daily accomplishments and tracking your progress will allow you some time for yourself to reflect on the day.

Do not sabotage yourself! Weight loss doesn’t happen overnight, and making a New Year’s weight loss resolution must come with a reality check. Don’t expect to lose a bunch of weight during January so that you can take it easy the rest of the year. Be realistic with your goals, and allow for the Jen Fe patch to work it’s magic. If you jump in head first without considering what your body can endure, and what you can easily manage, then you will be setting yourself up for failure.

The biggest mistakes that everyone makes with their New Year’s weight loss resolutions are unrealistic goals. If you haven’t been to the gym in a while, pace yourself. I can’t stress this enough. Do not expect for your New Year’s resolution to magically happen during the first month of 2010.

Maintain a healthy diet throughout the year. Instead of completely changing your diet between December 31 and January 1st, ease yourself into a new lifestyle of healthy eating. Once again, this is an area where you can easily sabotage yourself. Be realistic with your eating goals, and take your time with making the right eating decisions. Do not eat like a pig on New Year’s Eve because you know that your diet will completely change on New Year’s Day. That is completely unrealistic and will hinder your weight loss resolution.

With the Jen Fe patch, you are allowed to give yourself some room for mistakes. It will take some time to learn how to change your eating habits for the better, and you’ll need that time to readjust your mindset and your cravings. Be realistic!

Your New Year’s weight loss resolution will be kept this year. It can be stuck to and you will lose weight, but you have to be realistic with your goals and your abilities. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times, do not sabotage yourself! This is the greatest and most common mistake that we all make, and it can so easily be avoided.

Good luck!  For more information about the Jen Fe weight loss patch, check out

Jen Fe Weight Loss Patch

Jen Fe Weight Loss patch

My Weight Loss Story

I was introduced to this product by a friend. At the time, I was in despair about my weight. I had lost 31 lbs prior to my bilateral total knee replacements and 20 lbs post surgery. My surgery date was 2/25/08.

In June 2008 I gained back 5 lbs at my daughter's wedding. In November, 2008 post-Thanksgiving I gained back an additional 31 lbs. By May, 2009 I was seriously thinking of traveling to Mexico for lapband surgery.

In August, I was introduced to the patch. I started on Sept 9, 2009 and my life hasn't been the same since. I have found that this a solution that requires time and patience. Everybody is different.

In 3 months I have lost 12 pounds, 30 inches and 12% body fat. I have gone down 2 sizes from a tight 24 (pants) to a 20 and from 3X to a well fitting 1X in tops. Best of all, my knees aren't as stiff and sore as they were post-surgery.

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